• Lily Waugh

Seasons Passed, a Baby Bounty and Swallows

It has been many seasons since our last blog post and so much has happened in between to keep my fingers from typing. The beginning of this year was completely filled with a huge amount of restoration work on the barn side of the house. Roofs were replaced, floors were laid, beams erected and chimneys installed. Those months feel like a whirlwind of exhaustion, joy, amazement, progress and chaos ! Since then the house has gradually settled into itself. During the building process I was steadily becoming more heavily pregnant and the day our plumber installed the toilet was the day my waters broke (and also a year to the day we moved into the house) ! So, in mid May our gorgeous little baby boy Orson arrived and since then we have nested upstairs as the dust settled. What a glorious and sacred time those first weeks are, remembered as a sleepy, milky haze: slipping in and out of a dream as we melt into parenthood.

Sitting by the well in the sun

When we brought Orson home, a couple of swallows began building their nest in our doorway. As we nested, nursed, cried and laughed we watched the swallow mum and dad do the same - all the time their nest becoming more thick and sturdy. Their chicks grew fat quickly and are fledging as I type. On a walk on the moor after two days of psychedelic swallow filled dreams we remembered the swallow's medicine: their epic migration surely filled with struggle, physical challenge, focus and sharp intuition - all to arrive on the shores of gorgeous green England and have their babies in our tucked up stone house. Nurturing a little one is always a heroic migration and you are rewarded with the most golden of eggs an overflowing chalice of fresh squirming life ! Thanks to the mighty swallow for revealing the truth of this pathway we are learning to tread ...

And so we enter a new chapter here, as summer seems to slip from view the crab apples get heavy and rowan gets redder. We are looking to a future filled more with creative thriving than we have had this passed year. In September and October our home will be graced by some resident artists, I will share more about this in the coming weeks. We will be filling this corner of Dartmoor with praise poetry and artistic thanksgiving this autumn.

Showing Orson his home

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