Ingra Tor Studios is a working artist studios and artist residency living within the land of an over 600 year old Devon Long House & smallholding named 'Routrundle'. Set within the Dartmoor National Park, Routrundle sits among granite dry stone walls in wild open moorland, planed by buzzard and kestrel, grazed by hardy pony, and alive with lamb song in the spring. With our only neighbours being the footprints of Bronze Age round houses, ancient burial cairns, and ruined medieval farmsteads, to arrive here feels as though you are stepping into a different world - one where clock time melts into an expansion of your most ancient of senses. 

The whole smallholding is off-grid, with a wind turbine and solar panels providing electricity and wi-fi if you so desire. The 2 1/2 acres of land surrounding the longhouse and our newly constructed oak-frame studio are in the process of being nurtured and transformed into permaculture gardens to feed both the humans and wildlife that make Routrundle their home. A bustle of abundance, the land teems with a joyous array of mammal, bird, reptile and insect life.


To give yourself over to ‘moor time’ speaks of a yearning within us all to sometimes step away from our ‘doing’ in recognition of deep listening, of perspective, of inspiration, of connecting with our Truth.   

Our intention is to provide you with a warm hearth, comfy bed, and places of community or solitude, of collaboration or introspection, while you encounter the moor in all her wild glory. You may fill your bindle with wisdom among the gorse gnarled streams and craggy tors or around eating table and sharing fire with your fellow seekers.


Whether you come and find only quiet contemplation or a burst of creative prolificacy that calls for gallery show or performance night, you are welcome and we are here to support you throughout.

Lily is a hand weaver and multi disciplinary artist working with locally sourced fibres on looms handmade by her husband Toby. She works intuitively, using meditation and communication with her local landscape to create tapestry, wearable woven artwork and poetry.

Toby is a poet and craftsmen, working word and wood into forms that praise and elucidate the animate world.

I Am The Land
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