"There is so much to say about Routrundle, yet I know words will fail to do it justice; it is quite simply a sanctuary of beauty right here on Earth.

Immersed within a landscape of ancient wisdom, the granite Tors and rolling earthworks spread out for complete 360 views of Dartmoor, from sunrise to sunset.

The wild moor ponies, the equally wild sheep, foxes and birds (from Kestrels to Wrens) will keep you company on walks, whilst the gardens and trees will surround you for moments of deep inspiration and contemplation.

The hospitality of Lily & Toby is always refreshing, open arms and open hearts, and as artists and makers themselves, they are living from that creative space everyday, so generously welcoming us into their sanctuary.

All artists and makers will benefit from a stay at Routrundle; there is the sense of time stretching so a day feels like a week, there is time to think, explore, create and witness the real pace of life off-grid.

Peaceful nights by the fire and shared meals, it’s the ultimate experience of creative living."

"Routrundle is a source of immense beauty and profound creative inspiration. Much like the sacred well that lies within the land, the energy of this house emits a bounty of nourishment. I thought that such a place only existed in the dreamscape. 


The Moorland provides a peace deeper than any other landscape I have come across - one that penetrates beyond the bones and into the deepest layers of soul. 


Toby, Lily, Orson and their dogs Rollo and Marcey are a true joy to live and work alongside. I am consistently fuelled by their infectious energy and dedication to the land and all those who pass through it. 


To anyone who wishes to explore and develop their creative practise within an inspirational, joyous and deeply connected landscape- Routrundle is waiting."

"Follow the slow trackbed bend of what was the Princetown railway around Ingra Tor to the damp disused quarry and quickly feel a long way from Routrundle. Climb Ingra to be faced with the still larger Leeden Tor and feel discrete. This because you have set out from Routrundle, a living quarry of thought and practice, a place of connection and warmth. As the Dartmoor seasons turn, Routrundle turns over in fidelity, consciously drawing on the land and eagerly giving back, both studio and home. Bronze age circular pounds and medieval field systems suggest models of how all this has happened before: moorland and community, granite and ardour. A place made for making."

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